Why exactly is Humam A Nigger? (Mathematically) Edit

Well there are many ways to prove Humam is a Nigger.

Note: (These Mathematical Equations have been done by professionals and exactly quantify the level of niggery sprouting in Humam)

H Humam
N Niggery
G Gay Shit

This is the equation to calculate the infinite amount of niggery that comes off of Humam's essence. Simply put, this equation demonstrates the infinite amount of cancer and niggery that Humam Produces.

Fun Fact: If all of Humam's niggery was placed inside of a nuclear warhead capable of storing that much niggery, then it would have enough destructive capabilities to completely atomize all of Asia and Africa.



I take it quite literally when I say niggers are not of the same species as us. 

First of all, "species" is really a word. Different "species" can breed with each other -- ie. lions, panthers and other large felines. In that sense, the word species is really a gray thing. It is very difficult to categorize and define, kind of like how it's difficult to define the difference between a pebble and a rock. 

The fact that humans and niggers do sometimes breed and produce monstrosities does not mean we are the same species. People think I'm joking when I say niggers are not human. I'm actually being quite serious. 

Therefore Meaning Humam is in fact not Human. I have now deemed upon him his own species, the "Humam Species". Here are some pictures of the Humam species. Notice how "De-Evolved" they look:

As you can see by this diagram Humam's are missing the most vital Human organ, The Nigger-Faggot. The Nigger-Faggot is a pineapple shaped lump that is found in every Human's stomach. Without this Organ one slowly begins turning into a Nigger and a Faggot (A.K.A Humam)

That is about it, thank you for reading why Humam is scientifically and mathematically a Nigger.


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