Why Is Humam a Cracker?Edit

Welcome to the this wiki. in this wiki we shall discuss why exactly is Humam a crackerr and why does he do all of the niggerly stuff. In this wiki we'll use both mathematical, Ecological, and scientific approaches to why Humam is a cracker Not only that, you can also apply this cracker logic to any nigger you know in real life. Support us on Patreon (

Humam is a fucking sand nigger and will eventually blow us al up with his AK47 and C4 High Explosive.


IMG 3808

Nigger Bob

IMG 3817

Humam's gay shitEdit

We will also calculate how to cease humam's gay shit and figure out why he truly calls Jadon "Daddy". Stick around for a punnet square calculating how much gay shit would be in Humam's children (Approximately 20% of Humam's current gay shit)-

Latest activityEdit

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IMG 3815

This is a Picture of a True nigger Faggot(aka Pineapple)

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